We Believe in Principles

It’s not about what you do in life. It’s about how you do it.

We may only be a cleaning company, but we visit thousands of homes in our communities. We believe this puts us in a position of great responsibility.

By ensuring everything we do in our company is done with love, respect and good energy, we believe that will ripple out into the lives of the people we touch and make our community and our world a better place.

Here’s some of the principles we live and work by:

Customer Happiness

Our job is not just to make your house sparkling clean. It is our job to make your life easier, happier and more miraculous in every way. 


We don’t try to be “nice” or “kind”, we simply seek to understand others and in doing so our virtues of kindness and generosity arise naturally.

High Standards

We are relentlessly improving our standards and striving to be better than we ourselves ever thought was even possible.

Cleaner Happiness

Our cleaners are beautiful people and we know that they will not be cleaners forever, they will go on to bigger and better things. In the meantime, we want them to have a great time working with us.


We take extreme personal responsibility for everything. We don’t pass the blame, we enquire what we could’ve personally done differently to create a better outcome. 

Lifelong Learning

We are always educating and improving ourselves, and we provide our cleaners with resources so they can do the same.

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Got some questions?

Q: Will I get the same cleaner with every visit?

A: [Insert answer here].

Q: What happens if my cleaner decides to leave or gets sick?

A: Our management team will ensure you have a replacement cleaner so that there is no disruption to your service. Your new cleaner will then continue the same schedule as you previously requested.

Q: Do I need to arrange car parking for my cleaner?

A: Some of our cleaners will travel to you via public transport, however most cleaners will arrive with a car and you will be required to arrange suitable parking and cover any permit fees.

Q: I'm not happy with my clean. What happens now?

A: If you’re not happy, we will swap your cleaner with a more experienced professional and give clear instructions according to your feedback. We will ensure your home gets the service it deserves.

Q: Can you look after a set of keys for my property?

A: Yes. We provide an insured key holding system allowing your cleaner to access your property without you having to be present. You do not have to use this, but most customers find this to be more convenient.

Q: How do you background-check cleaners?

A: [Insert answer here].

customer care

Customer and cleaner happiness is our #1 priority

Our head office is open Monday – Friday from 08:00 to 18:00.

If your clean is outside of those hours, your designated cleaning manager will be available to help you.

You can contact us by phone, email or online chat.

Nicholas Dore

Great company, easy to deal with, 10/10. They do all the cleaning at our company address and also my home. Would highly recommend.

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Ramesh Gopinathan

Tom was very polite and did an amazing job. Very pleased with the service and would definitely use again.

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